Need some help?

Don’t tear your hair out over your technology problems. We can help, and if we can’t we’re pretty sure we can point you in the right direction. Sometimes an email or phone call just won’t cut it. In circumstances such as these we can join to your PC  so you can show us what the problem is and we can show you how to fix it, we can even record the session so you can review it later.

Instructions for use!
After Downloading Team viewer, click to run it.
A screen will appear with an ID and a password. We need both of these numbers to be able to log, so email them to us. Make sure you keep the application open otherwise we can not log in.

This is a very fast and secure method that allows both of us to get to grips with problems quickly. It is also excellent for teaching and tutorial purposes. Download the small application for your operating system below and save it to your desktop, then let us know when you’re ready. Assistance Rates are charged at our standard hourly rate of just $54.45 (gst inclusive). If you run a windows server with RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), then you can let us know the details so we can log in if desired for any server or client issues.

How Would I Use This Service?

Let’s say you need to set up a new email address in MS Outlook or similar. If your not sure or don’t have the time we can log in and do it for you. Maybe your using a spreadsheet and are having trouble with some formulas or there is a process you don’t understand. We can log in and tutor you…we can even record the session for you!!! How cool is that. Maybe your having trouble with word press, zen cart or your cPanel interface and need some guidence…no problem. We can login and show you how to do what ever it is your having trouble with, and by recording the session you can play it back if you get stuck again.


How Does It Work?

You down load a very small application that when you run it will generate an ID for your computer and a password. When you provide them to us we can log in and see what your seeing so you can show us your problem, we can switch screens and take over your pc so you can see what we are doing or we can switch screens so that you can watch us on our pc’s which is an excellent way to show you how to do something.


How Secure Is It?

Very! The password generated is only relevent for that session. Once finished either you or I can end the session and that password can NEVER be used again. If you need us to log in again, you will need to run the application again which will generate another different unique password. Once the application is closed no further interaction can take place unless you authorise it with a new password. Please email us for any and all assistance at

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