If it’s technical solutions for your business, we are sure we are able to help you.

Areas where we already assist our customers include…

  • Custom database applications
  • Spreadsheet solutions
  • List gathering from Yellow Pages
  • Procurement of hardware and services such as
    • Business computers
    • Servers
    • Broadband services
    • Point of Sale equipment
    • Industry specific software and hardware

Custom Spread Sheet Applications

Spread Sheets are arguably THE most fantastic tool for business, but getting them to do what you want can sometimes be tricky, plus, you probably don’t know all the full extent of what you can do with them.

We can create custom spreadsheets for your business or tutor you in how to do some of the more complex things that you may need to do.

Yellow Pages List Compilation



Click to see what data is included on the spreadsheet.

Yellow pages is a massive resource of potential customers for many B2B (Business to Business) organisations, but to assemble

a list of all the potential prospects in a category is time consuming. We can quickly and easily scrape any Yellow Pages location in the country to gather business details including email address and fax numbers if available.

We will be happy to provide a sample list of any criteria you specify.

We can also create mailing labels for the list if required.

How would I use this?

Lets suppose you sell products to the hospitality industry and would like to send promotional material to all Pubs, Clubs and Hotels in a given area. That’s where we come in! We can generate a listing of all the organisations in any geographical location in Australia and supply a listing of exactly what you need. Furthermore we can generate mailing labels, envelopes or reprinted material already addressed!


What else can we help you with?

Desktop Publishing

Brochures, Newsletters, Reports, Manuals, Company Presentations.

Eye Catching copy created ready for distribution.

PDF Creation (Portable document format)

Create digital documents for distribution.

Digital Photography.

Photography of products, premises, real estate etc.

Price from just $2.50 per A4 Page.


Word Processing

General typing & document layout

General typing and document preparation and editing.

Document scanning with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Turn your ordinary pages of text into digitally editable data without retyping it. Pages or documents are scanned, and each item of text is recognised by the computer and turned into editable digital copy, which can then be edited, spell checked, moved, copied or otherwise edited. Scan photographs, news clippings or any other document to disc for safe keeping and easy retrieval.

Price from just $2.50 per A4 page


General Computing

Backup Configuration

Make sure you have a backup and retrieval system in place.


Need to share printers, and other resources. Link all your computers and peripherals for easy access.

System Tune Up

Constant upgrades, new software installs, and just getting on line can leave your machine in a shambles. Registry entries become corrupted and orphan shortcuts litter your system and spyware slows everything to a crawl. A system tune up will help it run quicker and safer.

General service and assistance in hardware and software installation and upgrading.


Custom creation and maintenance

Creation of dynamic spreadsheets capable of massive complex calculations or just to simplify repetitive complex mathematical tasks.

Custom creation from just $20.00


Computer Aided Drafting (CAD).

CAD system set up and support.

Microstation Specialist

Application Conversion to V8 format Custom applications in Versions 95, SE, V7, V8

Price from $20.00 per hour.

Custom Microstation application

Consulting, Training and Advice

Consulting, Training and general advice is available for all services described here and more. One on one training is a specialty.

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