We are happy to give back to the greater community by allowing a certain number Charity and Not for Profit sites on our servers to assist them to get online and take advantage of our expertise and resources at either low or no cost.

Any organisation is welcome to apply, however, the following conditions and criteria must be met.

  • The organisation is truly a Not for Profit or Charitable organisation.
  • The organisation must not have any political or religious affiliation.
  • The organisation must have their own domain name or if not they may purchase one from us at 50% reduction of current retail price.
  • The organisation will be limited to 5 meg storage space in total and 5 meg bandwidth per month.
  • The organisation will be responsible for input of all content and maintenance of same Ie: “done for you updates” will not apply.
  • The organisation must be a current working concern Ie: should the organisation fail to establish or fold we reserve the right to suspend or delete the web site and repurpose resources. Domain names will remain the property of the organisation or entity.
  • The organisation will advise us in a timely fashion should they fail or fold or should their status of Charity or Not for Profit change. If their status changes to a profit earning concern the organisation will have the option to upgrade to a paid service.
  • Unless otherwise specified above the organisation will comply with all other requirements of our Terms of Service.
  • For the purposes of this service we do not consider sporting clubs or organisations to be “not for profit” you may still apply for services as described for a subsidised rate.
  • We expect to be able to place a small advertisement and/or supporters link to our web site and to be promoted via your regular advertising and commentary as a supporter of your organisation.

Upon acceptance we will supply a website with basic template for the organisation with the ability for them to make their own additions and changes. Video and other tutorials and information will be made available to allow them to use their new website. We are happy to provide support and assistance for both start up and ongoing but priority of same will be given to paid customers.


Please complete the form below. We will process your application and advise our response as soon as possible.

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Please provide us with details of your organisation to substantiate your application

In addition to the specific information contained on this page I have also read and understood the Terms
& Conditions (TOS)
and agree to be bound by same should I be accepted to be offered a web site and services under the Not for Profit or Charitable resource provision. By submitting this form you the organisation will not be bound to accept our service nor will we be bound to provide the service.

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