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We Do IT              Stuff

“We Do IT Stuff”, because that’s what we do…Information Technology…Stuff.



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$99.00 Web Special – It’s back for a limited time.
The latest Facebook Scam – (Find out who visits your profile scam)

$99.00 Web Sites

Our popular $99.00 web site deal is back for a limited time only. Normally $399, Our Web Platform allows you complete control over your web site and is trusted by over 19.5 million users world wide including…

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Latest Facebook Scam

Every few weeks there’s a new scam that makes the rounds on Facebook. This week it’s the “Find out who visits your profile,” scam, which we’ve all seen before. Here we take a deeper look at the scam to understand better what exactly the virus is trying to do and how we can all protect ourselves.
The virus works first by gaining access to your Facebook account. Unlike other methods for hacking, which involve somehow accessing your login credentials, this scam needs only for you to click a link posted on your wall or someone else’s wall. To entice you into clicking, the scam offers something lots of people would love to know, but Facebook doesn’t allow: a list of people who’ve viewed your profile. You might receive an e-mail notification that tells you a friend has posted a link on your wall with this context:
“LOL !! Me cant believe that you can see who is viewing your profile! I can see the TOP 10 people and I am really OPENMOUTHED that my EX is still checking my Pix and my Profile. You can also see WH0 CHECKS YOUR PR0FILE here)”
The most important thing to understand about this scam is that you should not click the link. If you don’t click the link and opt-in, the virus is rendered powerless. If you click the link, and you happen to be logged into your Facebook account when you do, the virus immediately goes to work posting the same link and content on your friends’ walls. There’s no way to stop it in progress — the only way to repair the damage is to visit each of your friends’ walls one-by-one and remove the post, or message all and hope they haven’t already clicked the link, as well.
Within social networks users are largely accountable for their own safety. The primary thing to remember: if you have any doubt, don’t click the link. Facebook offers this bit of advice:

“Always use caution when clicking on a link or opening an attachment, even if it’s been sent or posted by a friend or other reputable source. If you have any doubt, get confirmation directly from the sender. Be especially wary of messages that include attractive offers or urgent requests, and watch out for links that require you to immediately provide a login and password.”


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Amazing New Technology…

At least it was for Popular Mechanics readers in March 1981.

old PC

Popular Mechanics

I remember reading my brothers Popular Mechanics magazines from the 60’s and was awed by the prospect of owning my own flying car and going to work on a small tracked device (a precursor to the segway).

PM started in 1902 but Most PM magazines since 1905 are available FREE in digital format on Google click for copies You can also search the contents of all copies!

Our Favourite Business Web Sites

Web Marketing Tip

If your sending newsletters or marketing with Links make sure they work and all images are attached.

Yep. We didn’t do that in our last mailing.







We Do IT              Stuff

As many would be aware, bfb Services is now trading under the name of “We Do IT Stuff”, because that’s what we do…Information Technology…Stuff.


Do you need to be reading this?

As we let everyone know that we are now trading under a new name to better reflect what we do, we found our contact list also included friends and acquantances we know and have met along the way, so there will be a few who have no interest in our business as such, so please, just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the page…we wont be offended.

Before you do, however, it would be nice if you could recommend us to anyone you know in business who may need our services by clicking our Tell A Friend link.

So in this very first edition under our new livery we would like to acquant our new customers or reaquant our exsiting ones with what we do!

Custom Web Development and Applications
Undoubtabdly our core business revolves around the Internet, with Web Development and Internet Marketing the back bone.

Remote Help!
Most of our customers admit to being somewhat computer illiterate, and often it’s not that something is broken and needs fixing, it’s just a bit of tuition that’s needed. We can do one on one problem solving but as many of our customers are interstate and even overseas the call out rates would be huge, we can still help though, and at a fraction of the cost of jumping on a plane, see how…More>>>

Domain Name Registration & Web Hosting
If you think you’re paying too much for your current domain registration and hosting then you should talk to us. Our prices are some of the most compeitive available and often at least half the price of the major organisations, whilst still providing top of the line current technology, software and hardware…More>>>

Custom Application Development
We can program in a number of languages and for a number of platforms including Microsoft Office. We can help you with a ground up stand alone application or custom tools for the entire MS Office Suite, we provide a lot of custom tools for applications like MS Excel to help with routine stuff.


IT ( Information Technology ) is a pretty broad brush, but if we can’t help we will certainly know of someone who can.


For a full list of services please see our site


Just some of whats coming up in following issues…

Business Web Sites  – Links to web sites that every busineess should know about.
$99 websites – We are relaunching our most affordable site service ever, but only for a limited time.
Virus and Spyware removal and protection basics.
SEO – Search Engine Optimisation and why you should care.
SEM – All about Search Engine Marketing and how to do it right.
Starting your own online business – how, where, why and when.
PC and Notebook maintenance basics.
Social Media – For profit and pleasure.
Mobile computing – ipad or netbook?

plus lots more…let us know what you want to know more of and we’ll get the information for you…

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Affordable  Hosting

New Customers

KH Pottery Wholesalers of very fine teaware. Contact them, to find where you can purchase these equisite items.

Swish Events – Getting married? Take some of the frustration away by shopping comfortably online.

FREE Graphics Software
(Everyone loves FREE stuff)

Need some graphic software for the office? You will find 4 of our favourite applications here and they are absolutly Free. Great for use in marketing as well as resizing large images for emailing… More>>>

Web Marketing Tip

Twice as many people buy to prevent loss than out of a desire for gain.

— For each person who wants more possibility, two want prevention and preservation.

— See what percentage of your marketing message is devoted to preventing loss.  If you don’t see much; you should realize that two-thirds of the people who get your message don’t really read it. And if they don’t read it, they’re not likely to buy it.







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