Now that you have your hosting account set up, it’s time to get online!

Control Panel

The Control Panel lets you create email accounts, check your statistics and install any of over 75 applications to get your web site up and running.


If “DIY” is not your thing then just let us know. We can build a professionally web site that you can continue to maintain!

The Control Panel

No matter what you want to do you will have to login to your control panel.
In your welcome email find the link Temporary Control Panel:
Click on this link and log in using the log in and password provided.

From here you can do absolutely everything you could imagine.

There are a lot of tools and information in your control panel, so, go ahead and take a look around, but, if you’re keen to get started then we have some options for you.

Building your website

Your Control Panel has a number of CMS (Content Management Systems) that allow you to build various styles of websites without having to know any programming code.

The two most widely used CMS are BaseKit and WordPress.

Base Kit
If you want a super quick way to get online then BaseKit is your best bet. This is the quickest way to get your website up and running because you don’t need to have your domain name registered or set up as yet. If you are trialing our services then this is probably best for you to use.

Scroll down to software/services and click on the BaseKit SiteBuilder icon and away you go!




Word Press
Word Press is the Number 1 CMS and is used by over 19 million web sites world wide. Note however that for this to work successfully you must have a FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name), so if you have yet to organise your domain name you should do it now.

You will find the one click install for Word Press under the Quick Install icon.



It’s important to use an email address associated with your domain name. is much more professional than  or etc.

Look for the mail section in your control panel to set up an email account.


It is important to measure your success once you have set up your web site. There are a number of statistics engines in your control panel that will tell you a number of things including how many visitors you have had. You can of course also use Google Analytics.

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