Only 1 Hosting Package to choose from means, NO Confusion!!!

Unlike other companies that have various hosting packages with different levels of service, bandwidth and storage, we only

domain-name-faqsoffer 1 hosting package because we believe this will easily provide 95% of business users with everything they need.

If you’re not familiar with hosting it can be confusing to look at all the different options and packages that some host companies offer, where you inevitably find your self asking, “Is this the right package for me”, “Should I take the business pack over the starter pack”, “Do I really need SSH access and what is SSH” etc etc.

We give you EVERYTHING with just one hosting package. All tools and software shown below are provided free if you choose to use them, or just load up your existing site. Not sure if we can deliver? Then get a 30 day FREE trial.

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YES. YOU can create your own simple website with one of the many CMS (Content Management Systems) on offer. Perhaps you want to start selling online, then just choose one of our simple one click install shopping carts.

If all this looks a bit to hard to digest then simply contact us and we will advise you!


These are tools built into our control panel to help you manage your online cloud presence.


We have loads of free software that is VERY simple to install, just enter some basic details and click install…how simple is that.

[popup url=”..//cc/cpl.html”] CPanel[/popup] Blog Software
[popup url=”..//cc/tut.html”] tutorials Video Tutorials[/popup] [popup url=”..//cc/wp.html”] Word Press[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/wiz.html”]wiz Getting Started Wizard[/popup] [popup url=”../cc/lt.html”]lft Life Type[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/file.html”]filemgr File Manager[/popup] [popup url=”../cc/ev.html”] b2 Evolution[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/email.html”]email Email [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/pp.html”] Pixel Post[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/ftp.html”] ftp FTP [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/nu.html”] Nucleus[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/stats.html”]statStats [/popup] Forum Software
[popup url=”..//cc/templates.html”]temp Templates [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/phpbb.html”] phpBB[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/spam.html”] no-spam Spam Assassin [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/si.html”] Simple Machines Forum[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/cron.html”] cron Cron Jobs [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/bb.html”] bbPress[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/fpage.html”] fpg Front Page [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/mybb.html”] MyBB[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/imagtl.html”] tool Image Tools [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/aef.html”]Advanced Electron Forum[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/mlist.html”]ml Mailing List [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/pun.html”] Pun BB[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/bup.html”] bu Back Ups [/popup] Content Management Software
[popup url=”..//cc/wdsk.html”]webdskWeb Disc [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/jo.html”]Joomla[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/pass.html”]pass Password Protection [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/dru.html”] Drupal[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/cgi.html”]scr CGI [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/co5.html”] Concrete 5[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/dom.html”]dm Domain Management [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/oc.html”] ocPortal[/popup]
[popup url=”..//cc/dbas.html”]db Data Bases [/popup] [popup url=”../cc/dru7.html”] Drupal 7[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/mod.html”] MODx[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/moo.html”] Moodle[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/mam.html”] Mambo[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/e107.html”] e107[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/xo.html”] XOOPS[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/zik.html”] Zikula[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/gee.html”] Geeklog[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/ma.html”]Mahara[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/wcm.html”] phpwcms[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/hot.html”] Hotaru CMS[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/txtp.html”] Text Pattern[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/sau.html”] Saurus CMS[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/typ.html”] TYPO3[/popup]
Commerce Software
[popup url=”../cc/mag.html”] Magneto[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/opc.html”] Open Cart[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/pre.html”] Presta Shop[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/zen.html”] Zen Cart[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/tom.html”] TomatoCart[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/osc.html”] osCommerce[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/coin.html”] phpCOIN[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/mwi.html”] MediaWikig[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/tik.html”] TikiWik CMS/Groupware[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/pmw.html”] PmWiki[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/wika.html”] WikkaWiki[/popup]
Photo Gallery Software
[popup url=”../cc/zph.html”] Zenphoto[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/gal.html”] Gallery[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/pwi.html”] Piwigo[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/cop.html”] Coppermine Photo Gallery[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/im4.html”] 4images[/popup]
Mailing List Software
[popup url=”../cc/plst.html”] phplist[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/po.html”] poMMo[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/da.html”] Dada Mail[/popup]
Polling Software
[popup url=”../cc/lm.html”] Lime Survey[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/ap.html”] advancedpoll[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/esp.html”] phpESP[/popup]
Chat Software
[popup url=”../cc/fch.html”] phpFreeChat[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/hl.html”] Help Centre Live[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/cft.html”] Craft Syntax Live Help[/popup]
Project Management Software
[popup url=”../cc/dot.html”] dot Project[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/ket.html”] PHProjekt[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/man.html”] Mantis Bug Tracker[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/gst.html”] PHP GuestBook[/popup]
Social Networking Software
[popup url=”../cc/plg.html”] Pligg[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/jc.html”] Jcow[/popup]
Other Software
[popup url=”../cc/vt.html”] vtiger CRM[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/zp.html”] Z-Push[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/frm.html”] PHP Form Generator[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/ost.html”] osTicket[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/sug.html”] SugarCRM[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/dir.html”] phpLinkDirectory[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/cal.html”] WebCalendar[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/odoc.html”] OpenDocMan[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/sup.html”] PHP Support Tickets[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/elg.html”] Elggs[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/sb.html”] Sitebar[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/fq.html”] phpMYFAQ[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/ch.html”] Church info[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/faq.html”] FAQMasterFlex[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/laz.html”] Lazarus[/popup]
Paid Software
[popup url=”../cc/tr.html”] Trendy Site Builder[/popup]
[popup url=”../cc/no.html”] Noah’s Classifieds[/popup]