RRR Trucks

Keith DevlinrrrTrucks
RRR Trucks
32 – 38 Heinemann Rd Charlton Qld 4350
Ph: 0497 300 509
E: info@RRRTrucks.com.au


The Brief

Keith runs a growing truck repair business in Charlton, just west of Toowoomba and needed to showcase his services as well as attracting more business.

Keiths brief was

  • create a website to showcase his services.
  • create a marketing program to keep the sales funnel filled.


The End Result

We create a simple site that showcases the main areas of Keith’s business.

At this point we are waiting on some hi-res images to complete the services gallery and to modify the main page.
We also created a list of over 1500 businesses within a 200 klm radius of Keith’s business and once we have the site totally finished will be contacting these on Keith’s behalf.

Keep tuned for the results.

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