DIY All about Getting into “The Wedding Business”

Starting Your Own Wedding Business
By Kirsten Wilson

You have decided to start your own small business. In this case, it has something to do with weddings, whether it is flower design, wedding coordinator, cakes, invitations, playing music, catering, photography or even as a minister. Starting a business is easy, making it work for you is another matter all together. So, I’ll just go through the steps and share with you a few things that worked (or didn’t) for my own small wedding business (as a florist).

I know you are all ready to run out and get your seller’s permit and start writing checks (or already have)! Been there. I started my business by signing a 5-year lease before I knew what I was going to do when I opened the doors. All I knew was I was going to sell flowers and this space happen to be empty that used to have a flower shop in it. I had been a professional florist for 3 years, so what else did I have to know? Plenty! Learn from my “experience” , my mistakes.

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