Process Your Own Negatives

K640_negativToPicIf you are of Pre-Digital vintage you may have a lot of old negatives floating around with no idea what they are.
If you don’t know what a negative is then you can comfortably ignore this post.

For the rest of us the cost of having them developed just to see if they are of any value is hugely cost prohibitive but the good news is that you can not only purchase negative scanners from most electrical outlets but you can download an app for Android or iPhone to do the same.

While going through boxes of old photos I came across several packets of old negatives, so I downloaded an app called “Helmut” for my Android phone.
It is quite a simple process for either Black and White or Colour negatives.

To be successful you nee to back-light the negative and the simplest way to do that is with your computer or tablet screen.
For this example below I simply held the negative over a white space on my laptop, and took a picture on my phone using the Helmut app. Presto! I now have a digital image.

The quality may not be great, there are a number of settings to be played with and there are other apps out there but this at least gives you a good idea what the picture is so you can decide if you want to go to the expense of a professional reproduction.



Maroochy Sands

Phone: 07 5443 1637maroochysands
Fax: 07 5443 9387
Cnr Aerodrome Rd and Sixth Ave
Maroochydore Qld 4558

A long time customer, Maroochy Sands has been one of the original premier accommodation destinations on the Queensland Sunshine Coast.

There site is simple and informative and is easily self managed by the current resident managers, Gary and Lulu.

WOW Hair

Toombul shopping centrewow
(07) 3266 5655

Taigum Square shopping centre
07 3633 0037

(07) 3881 1331

With 3 Locations, Damian and Letitia DeCandia have a successful and growing business that needed a successful web site to match.

Wow Hair has been a customer of ours for a long time now and we are in the process of upgrading the site again with a new look, shopping cart and a marketing and newsletter program.


Stay tuned for progress!

How One Woman Built a $400 Million Trucking Business

When Andra Rush started her trucking company, all she had was a beat-up van, a pair of used pickup trucks, and the naive certainty of a 23-year-old. She figured it would take her about four years to make her fortune. Then she could use her newfound millions to accomplish her true goal: tackling poverty on Native American reservations across North America. “I thought I could retire by the time I was 27,” says Rush, a member of the Mohawk Indian tribe of Ontario, Canada. “At that age, you don’t know what you don’t know.”


Rush is 49 now and still working hard. Her tiny start-up just outside Detroit has grown to a $400 million North American business that employs hundreds of Native Americans, who assemble automobile components like steering columns near their reservations and then truck them to manufacturing plants. Last year, Rush—along with the rest of the auto industry—was almost sidelined by the recession. But things have stabilized, and today Rush is a role model not only for Native Americans but also for women in the male-dominated world of trucking. For years, “people imagined that the business was run by my dad or my boyfriend,” she says. “I had to say, ‘No, the business is me!’?”


Rush was raised 30 miles outside Detroit, not far from her paternal grand­parents and their Ontario reservation. When the teenage Rush visited the reservation for the first time, she was struck by the poverty and lack of hope. “I really wanted to make a difference,” she says.


She graduated from the University of Michigan in 1982 and took a nursing job. But she was dismayed by the low pay, and within a year she was pursuing an MBA. That summer, she interned at an airfreight company, where the speed of package pickups and deliveries drove profits. “I thought I could do that better,” Rush says.


She maxed out her credit cards and borrowed $5,000 from her parents to buy a van and two used pickups. She wooed clients, accepted every delivery job that came her way, and worked nursing shifts on weekends.


Within six months, Rush had ten employees, and clients like Ford and GM were paying her to fetch small packages from the airport. Ford was the first to offer her a job trucking parts between its plants and suppliers. Rush hired drivers who lived near the suppliers and “went to church and did Little League with them. So they all helped each other,” she says. “If extra loads or services were needed, we were right there.” Rush also kept a single-minded


focus on meeting deadlines—no matter what. In the wake of 9/11, when increased security stalled traffic for hours on Detroit’s largest bridge, she hired barges to get her trucks across the Detroit River.


By 2001, many of Rush’s 1,000 employees were Native Americans, working alongside people of every background. But she felt she hadn’t done enough. So she joined forces with a Canadian parts maker to design and assemble auto components, such as the dashboard instrument panels that go into Chrysler minivans. She located the plants near reservations, creating opportunities where they were needed most. By 2009, her auto parts business was generating $370 million in revenue.


She’s come a long way from the inexperienced 23-year-old who thought “the cash would just roll in.” But Rush wouldn’t change a thing: “I love my job,” she says. “I like the fact that you can start to get some momentum and keep challenging yourself—and then suddenly you lift your head and it’s been 25 years.”


Getting Ahead with Andra Rush

Were there any advantages to being a woman in your industry?

Driving the truck is something guys do—it’s rough, but it isn’t something a woman can’t do. But running a trucking company is much more than picking up and delivering; it’s marketing and tracking and organization. Women are wired to multitask.A lot of people in transport have had paper routes. I was the first girl to have one in my neighborhood, so maybe that’s what did it!


How did you balance the business and your three sons?

I would take my kids [Zack, 20, Cheyne, 18, and Chance, 13] to the office with me, but that got a little difficult when they started to crawl. My parents live nearby and so did my grandmother, and they all helped out a lot. As a business owner, you don’t have much time, but you do have a lot of flexibility. So if I’d been traveling, I’d go into the elementary school when I got home and say, “I’m going to read to the first graders.”


How has your heritage influenced your approach to business?

In our culture, when you make a decision, you consider its impact on the next seven generations. That means you take environmental precautions from the outset. Teachings like that help you with your choices.


What is the key to your success?

You have to be service-driven. You think of customers every day, every minute. You think about what would make their lives or their businesses more successful. And you have to be focused on who’s serving them. If we don’t look after our drivers, they won’t look after our customers.

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Business Re-Launch


Affordable Web Sites

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Big W and other FaceBook Scams

Ever wondered what those super dooper too good to be true product offers by major retailers on Face Book are all about?

Well as much as we could all do with a new phone or flat screen TV… it’s a scam.

Big W will not be giving away 399 new unlocked iphones, Bill Gates will not be donating $1 for every like help fight ebola, and that little girl who needs 10’000 likes for her mum to buy her a pony because she has cancer is also very dubious.

So why would someone go to the trouble of setting up a fake account and promoting such posts? Because they want your identity which will lead to your finances or someone elses being compromised IE: they want to rip you off.

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People still getting duped by Internet domain scams

Domain name scam could cost you in the order of $8,000, warns consumer watchdog ACCC.

We have reported on a number of online scams recently, including emails impersonating the ATO, airlines, Australia Post and banks.

Now comes a fresh warning about a scam that’s been around for years, and appears to still be around – the domain name scam.

The ACCC have warned small businesses to be wary of invitations to register or renew their Internet domain. Particularly contents of emails that contain [information quoted from the site]:

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Marketing Axioms

Author: Leanne Hoagland-Smith

Marketing Axiom 1-Greater Awareness Increases Sales

You can have the best product or service, incredible customer loyalty and the greatest ROI, but unless someone sees and more importantly wants to learn more about you, it truly doesn’t matter about your products or services.  Think about the good times that follow bad times.  People who previously would not spend their money are loosening up their purse strings.  They will go to the businesses they remember especially if they have no loyalty to a particular store.

In bad times, people shop where they perceive they are receiving the most bang for their buck.  Again, this perception is created by marketing through special offers to top of mind awareness (TOMA).

Marketing research suggests your potential customers and existing customers need to hear about your products or services at least 33 times in a given year.  Translated into a monthly number equals 2.75 contacts.  Between direct mail, e-mail, paid print advertisements, radio or television commercials to actual physical contacts through business events, you must connect with your target market almost 3 times every month if you wish to increase sales.

Additionally, new marketing research conducted by Pitney Bowes suggests direct mail is preferred by 70% over electronic mail.  Now direct mail (anything received through what many call “snail mail”) is postcards, handwritten notes to paid advertising in business journals or newspapers.

Now, awareness is not selling. Unfortunately, far too many in business perceive marketing to equal selling. These are the folks who always talk about their products and prices quickly followed by “Let me send you a proposal.”  By remembering this axiom, you may reduce your confusion about marketing and selling and truly be the Red Jacket in the sea of gray suits. The added value is you are now on a better path to actually increase sales.

Marketing Axiom 2 – AIDA Model Is Queen

Products or services only sell themselves only after these 4 actions have been taken, leading to an established relationship.

  • After Attention
  • After Interest
  • After Desire
  • After call to Action

People buy from people they know and trust.  Until you accomplish these four actions, the likelihood that you have the beginnings of a mutually agreeable relationship has been greatly diminished.

Take a moment to think about sales from the perspective of the game of chess.


There is a lot of thinking (strategy) taking place. The King is the Buyer and you as the seller are most like the Bishop where you advise the King. However, if you fail to establish a relationship, the game is lost and hence this is why the Queen is key.  For without the relationship, the buyer will go elsewhere no matter how great your advice is as the Bishop. Additionally, there is always the opportunity for someone else (think competition) to capture your Queen and leave you with checkmate (no increase sales).

Again, who else can get the attention, the interest and desire of the King?  The Queen is usually the best person to achieve those goals.  And usually she can be one to provide a call to action. For without the Queen (the relationship), the sale will languish far from the cash box.  (Translation, you will not increase sales.) To capture the Queen demands you must be the Red Jacket and the AIDA model will help you do just that.

Marketing Axiom 3 – Remember the 75/25 Rule

Business is at least:

  • 75% about marketing
  • 25% about selling

Unfortunately, for many the opposite is true with 25% or less time being devoted to marketing. Then when the business becomes busy delivering its products or services there is even less time for marketing.  When you think you do not need to market because business is good to great, then look to your nearest McDonald’s.  Has this business with impressive branding stopped its marketing?

Also returning to Axiom 1, did McDonald’s stop marketing during known turbulent economic times?  Absolutely, not! McDonald’s knows their target market can be fickle and easily motivated to go elsewhere for their fast food.

One of the reasons that so many businesses stop marketing during bad times is because they lack an overall strategic action plan as well as the subsidiary plans of marketing, sales, customer loyalty, growth & innovation, leadership & management and financials. What then happens is the Captain Wing It scenario where actions are being sprayed and prayed all over the place with the hope that something sticks.

Take action and determine where you are spending your time versus investing your time.  Make sure you continue to market your business. If it is good enough for McDonald’s it is truly good enough for you.

Marketing Axiom 4 – Heart, Head and Hands Prevail

According to Dr. Hartman and the science of Axiology, people make buying decisions with their heads, their hearts and their hands. To leverage (think influence) how people make these decisions requires a convincing message with these four elements:

  • Powerful Story
  • Cohesive Message
  • Emotional Exploitation
  • Targeted Audience

Your message is the first and most crucial step within the overall sales process. A weak message delivers equally weak results.  However, a message that fails to emotionally connect with your potential customers (a.k.a. prospects) will also deliver poor results.

Take a few moments to think about your existing marketing message and how it attracts your potential customers.  Are you sounding like all those other businesses when you begin speaking?  Have you ever considered you are playing a very worn record that drones on and on and one instead of one that literally stops your targeted audience in their tracks?

Since people hear words and think in pictures, you have far more control of the picture they are painting in their brains than you probably realize. When you begin to observe what words trigger an emotional response, you can weave those very same words into your story. Then all you need to do is to ensure your overall message is cohesive in that is has a beginning, a middle, an end and makes sense specific to what you do.

By remembering this axiom, will help you with Axiom 2 and eventually lead to more sales.