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Rise Qld – Support & Advocacy Network IncRiseQld

Phone: 0478 050 013
Email: info@rise-qld.com.au

Rise contacted us about putting together an affordable site and service for their non profit organisation.

We reviewed their service and requirements and decided that they fit our criteria for or FREE Not for Profit service, http://wedoitstuff.com.au/not-for-profit-resource-request/.

We allocate a section of resources specifically for Not for profit organisations to provide either free or or subsidised services that benefit the community.

If you have a organisation that needs help you can make a request here…


RRR Trucks

Keith DevlinrrrTrucks
RRR Trucks
32 – 38 Heinemann Rd Charlton Qld 4350
Ph: 0497 300 509
E: info@RRRTrucks.com.au


The Brief

Keith runs a growing truck repair business in Charlton, just west of Toowoomba and needed to showcase his services as well as attracting more business.

Keiths brief was

  • create a website to showcase his services.
  • create a marketing program to keep the sales funnel filled.


The End Result

We create a simple site that showcases the main areas of Keith’s business.

At this point we are waiting on some hi-res images to complete the services gallery and to modify the main page.
We also created a list of over 1500 businesses within a 200 klm radius of Keith’s business and once we have the site totally finished will be contacting these on Keith’s behalf.

Keep tuned for the results.

Ayrline Motel – Ayr North Queensland


A very ordinary web site with bad coding.


Our latest accommodation customer.

Ayrline Motel
Ray Dukamp

Ph: (07) 47831100
Fax: (07) 47834224
29 Edwards St. Ayr, QLD 4807

The Brief

Ray is competing with a number of other motels in Ayr along with the usual assortment of B&B’s, van parks etc. His motel is also off the main thorough fair so passing trade may not know he is there.

Rays brief was…

  • revamp the web site that would wow his customers.
  • make sure he could easily be found in the search engines.
  • ensure the booking form worked as it should.
  • get on board with Trivago, booking.com, hotels combined, wotif, Quickbeds and the plethora of other hotel aggregation sites.

The Original Web Site

The original Ayrline Motel site was pretty ordinary with a lot of poor design.

The home page had an uninviting picture of the building facade and the booking form had no




At only 2 pages it was very hard for our customer to
promote his web site effectively.

validation so you could hit the submit button without entering any information and the form would be sent … empty. Also, there was no “captcha” or other facility to stop spammers sending countless automated inquiries pushing everything from RayBan Sunglasses to Viagra.

There was no contact information displayed on the home page.

The domain was ayrlinemotel.com where Ray had stipulated it should have been .com.au.

You can get by with a .com domain but you should always strive for the .com.au if its available or even .net.au etc. Especially in this case as Ayr in Scotland was being returned in the search engines, customers could get confused.

At only 2 pages and no way for Ray to upgrade the site himself a total revamp was in order.


The End Result

Stand by for progress and updates!!!